Best head torch for hunting 2022

There are many types of headlamps for hunters in the market. They are used under certain conditions. If the hunter decides to go into the forest before dawn, he should take headlamps with red, green or blue modes. Bright torches are preferred for hunting in the evening until total darkness. Good optics indicates of a clear operation of the headlamp.

Head torchs in this review:

  1. Black Diamond Storm 400
  2. Petzl Tactikka + RGB
  3. Cabela’s Alaskan Guide RGB
  4. Princeton Tec Vizz
  5. The Biolite Headlamp 200

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Show Technical Details Of Head Lamps for hunting
LumensBeam ColourCell TypeWaterproofWeight (grams)
Black Diamond Storm 400400WhiteAAAIP67159Check Price
Petzl Tactikka + RGB350RGBAAAIPX485Check Price
Cabela’s Alaskan Guide RGB300RGBAAA+83Check Price
Princeton Tec Viz420RGBAAAIPX792Check Price
Biolite Headlamp 200200RGBRechargeRGB50Check Price

TOP 5 head torches for hunting

Black Diamond Storm 400 is the best head lamp for duck hunting

Black Diamond Storm 400

The recently improved device is considered to be very powerful. The light flow is 400 lumens. The torch perfectly illuminates the periphery. The degree of waterproof allows you to use it in the rain. The indicator gives a signal about the discharge of the battery. A special switch is provided to select the optimal mode. Full brightness can be turned on at the touch of the Storm 400 button. The lamp has a button to activate the desired color of the light.

  1. high level of power;
  2. a high quality head strap easily adjusted for any size;
  3. low weight;
  4. good peripheral lighting;
  5. the waterproof rating IP×67;
  6. a battery indicator;
  7. an additional select mode switch;
  8. a lock mode to prevent accidental mode activation.
  1. not stated.

Hunt lovers consider Black Diamond Storm 400 to be one of the best devices.

It has fantastic specifications

400 lumens allow you to watch objects at the distance of 100 meters. The headlamp has long run times;

  • 5 hours on high;
  • 10 hours on medium;
  • 150 hours on low.

There are 4 AAA powerful batteries in it. The device weighs only 4.2 oz.

Petzl Tactikka + RGB is the best head lamp for backcountry hunting

Petzl Tactikka + RGB review

The updated version uses 350 lumens versus 250 in the old device. The headlamp allows you to get a mixed beam of light, in which close objects are clearly visible with the distant light turned on. The hunter can see branches, stones in front of him and look far ahead at the same time. The lamp allows you to choose between red, green and blue lights. The IP×4 waterproofing rating indicates the possibility of using the device in rainy weather.

  1. high quality light;
  2. good build quality;
  3. complete mode options;
  4. the possibility of watching close and distant objects;
  5. high level of water resistance;
  6. long lasting batteries which can be easily replaced or recharged;
  7. it is light and compact.
  1. real cons are not found.

The device is powerful enough

You can go through a forest and see everything near you and far away without touching the mode buttons. One has no problems with using the head torch in rainy weather. The device can be highly recommended as one of the safest in the review.

Cabela’s Alaskan Guide RGB is the best head lamp for hunting because of high comfort

Cabela’s Alaskan Guide RGB Review

It is one of the most beloved by hunters thanks to the ease of handling. At the touch of one button, you can connect any of the five modes of light. To select white color you have only to keep the button pressed for a second or two. White has low and high levels. The main lamp gives out a maximum of 300 lumens. The only downside of the torch is that it runs less than reported 28 hours.

  1. simple to operate;
  2. possible to select five light modes by the single button;
  3. no mixing colors while selecting;
  4. 28-hour run on high;
  5. the main LED lamp provides 300 lumens on high.
  1. light output dims before reaching reported 28-hour run.

Cabela’s Alaskan Guide RGB Headlamp is one of the best head torches for hunting

It is produced by the famous American manufacturer Princeton Tec. The company produces only high quality devices. Head lamps can be used in any weather conditions. The maximum beam distance reaches 73 meters.

Princeton Tec Vizz is famous for bright lightning

Princeton Tec Vizz Review

Company manufactures a device with 420 lumens, working in three standard modes. The McSbright LED forms a powerful beam of light. Two Ultrabright LEDs create a white beam. Another couple of such lamps are designed for night lighting. The water resistance is IP×7. The transparent switch still works as a low battery power indicator. When buying, you should pay attention to the lumen indicator, so as not to confuse with the old version with 165 lumens.

  1. powerful light;
  2. high level of waterproof;
  3. long run of batteries;
  4. low weight.
  1. not stated.

Princeton Tec is an American Company founded in 1975 was specialized in producing of underwater lighting equipment. Later it mastered the production of lamps for other purposes. The devices of the company are considered to have high quality. Headlamps Princeton Tec Vizz are also efficient.

They are durable and easy to use

The Biolite Headlamp 200 is the best rechargeable head lamp for hunting

The Biolite Headlamp 200 Review

The device has low weight and produces only 200 lumens. Despite this, it gives quite a bright light and withstands competition with brands of higher performance. The spotlight shines at a distance of 50 yards. The headlight gives a nice wide light. The battery can run for 3 hours at a high level and 40 hours at a low level. Thanks to the modest parameters, the lamp fits easily in a package of all sizes. The device has one button to power it on and off and select modes. You can lock the torch by pressing the button for 8 seconds.

  1. possibility of using a single button for different functions;
  2. safe adjustment;
  3. high beam quality;
  4. long run batteries;
  5. low weight;
  6. complete mode options;
  7. small size.
  1. built-in rechargeable batteries can’t be replaced.

Biolight Headlamp 200 is ultralight and weighs only 1.75 ounces.

It is very comfortable to wear

In spite of small quantity of lumens the device operates effectively. Users highly appreciate this head torch. The compact size allows you to place it in any small packet. Because of the low parameters the price of the device is quite available.

How to choose a head torch for hunting

How to choose a head torch for hunting

In terms of their characteristics, the headlights are not much different from other lighting devices. But unlike the usual lanterns, the head torches should be securely fixed on the head. The hunter should be able to perform the necessary actions without fear that the light source will fall off his head.

Choosing the best head lamp for hunting is not easy. The effectiveness of shooting at night is influenced by various circumstances. But there are several criteria that can appreciate even a novice hunter. These include light characteristics such as the type of light source and reflector.

Today the best are LED lights. They differ from other lamps in brightness and long work without replacing or recharging the power source. Such lanterns give cold, warm and neutral light. Each of them has its own distinctive features:

  • Warm light allows you to see colors better;
  • The level of contrast depends on the cold light;
  • The average light occupies an intermediate position.

It is also worth paying attention to the lights, which some animals do not differ. Reflectors may be smooth or crumpled. The first are suitable for long-range firing from rifled weapons. The second type of reflectors is for shooting from smooth-bore weapons at close targets. Some modern lanterns are equipped with progressive optics. They have no sidelights. The distribution angle varies between 5-60 degrees.

Other important characteristics include:

  1. Size and mass. Exceeding these parameters leads to discomfort with long-term wear.
  2. Security. The impact and tightness of the case are of great importance. It is better to choose the lantern with a rating from IPX-7 and a case of lightweight anodized aluminum. This makes it possible to ensure the work of the lantern in the downpour and after falling from the height of human growth. The lenses must be made of hardened glass.
  3. Power elements. They affect the time of use of the lantern. To work all night you should choose powerful lithium-ion rechargeable batteries. Cheap AA and AAA batteries will last 2-3 hours.

It is desirable that the lantern has several modes of operation. Among LEDs it is better to give preference to warm analogues. Light from such sources is close to the solar, and is easier perceived by the human eye. This light also allows you to distinguish colors well.


What head torches have most lumens?

When choosing the best headlight for hunting, you need to pay special attention to the power of the device. It is determined by the number of lumens. But the stated power of many devices is rapidly reduced in the first hours of operation. Maximum light is only possible if new batteries are available. For this reason it is important to pay attention to the average values of lumens.

The decrease in brightness is particularly evident in headlights with powerful LEDs with a capacity above 130 lumens. After an hour the efficiency of such devices is reduced by almost half. To solve the problem Petzi has developed a special technology called CONSTANT LIGHTING. It is designed for automatic power regulation. The adjustment system ensures stable operation for 90 minutes even at low lumen rates.

Before buying the item, you should read the information on the packaging. Most models have power adjustments and modes of operation. They indicate the values of lumens at maximum and minimum power. No matter how expensive the headlight is, its power drastically reduces the battery charge. Therefore, you have to choose between the power and the time of operation of the device.

Among the models discussed above, the Princeton Tec Vizz has the highest lumen value. It’s 420 lumens. In second place is Cabela’s Alaskan Guide with 400 lumens.

How to clean a head torch?

For reliable work, the headlights need to be regularly cleaned. Hunters spend a lot of time in forests in different weather conditions. Despite the tightness of most appliances, dirt and dust particles accumulate in some parts. Alcohol-containing liquids and cotton swabs should be used to remove them from the surface and vulnerable places.

In cases, when the batteries leak, you have to disassemble the device. You can’t do that with your bare hands. You should have special screwdrivers with small tips. The work requires extreme caution, so as not to break the fragile elements. Dirty battery residues are not easy to remove. They seep into hard-to-reach crevices, and subtle tools are required to remove them. The leaks are also cleaned with alcohol.

How long to charge a headlamp?

Lithium-ion batteries make up 80% of all existing household batteries. In order for them to serve reliably, they need to be properly charged. Lithium-ion batteries consist of a battery can and a protective plateau. The last part protects against recharging or excessive discharge. Excessive current is particularly dangerous. It can cause an explosion.

Some products come without protection. To avoid trouble the owner of the device should think about electronic protection. Proper charging of batteries is the key to their long-lasting and reliable operation. To recharge you should use a device with a current strength of 10-20% of the battery capacity. Charging time is affected by:

  • Battery capacity;
  • Current charge state;
  • The power of the charger’s current.

Only 10% of the capacity of the battery is spent to recharge it. The rest is spent on warming up. The current limit of the charge can be 30%. Exceeding this parameter causes battery injury. When the current is lowered, the charging time lengthens. If the current of the charge is 10% of the capacity and the battery is discharged completely, it will take 5 hours to charge 90%. The remaining 10% will take 2-4 hours. Thus, a full battery charge will take approximately 9-10 hours.

Fans of outdoor recreation, for which nights are not a hindrance, need good lanterns. The more comfortable they are, the better. The headlights are suitable for a variety of activities. When the headlamp is conveniently fixed on the forehead, free hands can do any work

Everyone wants to buy a good product. A real hunter wishes to buy the best head torch for hunting. Before you decide to choose the device, it is worth asking seasoned hunters. They are able to give the most reliable recommendations.


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