Best head torch for fishing 2022

Fishing at night is an entirely different experience, but you need to bring a reliable light source with you to be able to see anything at all. And since most of the tasks require two hands at once, your lamp should be fastened somewhere – and head torches seem to be the perfect solution. That’s why we’ve arranged the ultimate top of simply the best head torch for fishing models you can find. Let’s check it out.

Head torchs for fishing in this review:

  1. Energizer Head Torch
  2. PETZL ACTIK Headlamp
  3. Ridgemonkey VHR300
  5. FOX Halo 300

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Energizer Head Torch – Cheap and Compact

Energizer Head Torch Review

Energizer is so well-known for its batteries that you’d expect nothing but quality from this product. And you’d actually be right since this head torch is nice: the band is soft yet firm, and you can adjust it to your head. The torch with its luminance value of 315 is extremely bright – and it runs for up to six hours even on the highest mode. And it comes for a surprisingly low price, being by far the cheapest options on our top.

  1. compact, lightweight and comfortable;
  2. puts out 315 lumens in a bright beam that reaches up to 80—85 meters;
  3. features five light modes, including the night vision mode: perfect for fishing and hunting;
  4. water- and damage-resistant case;
  5. includes three Energizer batteries;
  6. extremely cheap and reliable.
  1. changing modes is loud;
  2. not entirely waterproof.

While this Energizer headlight is not the most functional or powerful on our list, it still has every basic feature you may need on the bank. And the price makes it the best head torch for night fishing for those anglers who don’t want to spend too much on the gear.

See video review about Energizer Head Torch

PETZL ACTIK Headlamp – Bright and Long-lasting

PETZL ACTIK Headlamp Review

PETZL equipment has been popular among hikers and backpackers for quite some time – and it’s about time fishing enthusiasts put it to good use, too. This headlamp combines impressive 120 hours of expected running time with a brightness level of 350 lumens which is enough to illuminate a distance of 80—90 meters. All of its features are bound to one button that makes using it quite easy, and the detachable headband is comfortable.

  1. two beam patterns and three brightness settings reaching 350 lumens;
  2. requires three AAA batteries to provide about 120 hours of burn time;
  3. batteries can be replaced with a PETZL CORE battery that takes only three hours to charge;
  4. smart single-button design that allows you to change modes quickly using one hand;
  5. lightweight yet durable: water-resistant and can be safely dropped from up to 1 meter.
  1. the rechargeable option is too expensive.

This PETZL headlight is definitely one of the best head torch for fishing options: it is powerful, long-lasting, durable and intuitive. The red-light mode is really useful for fishing at night, and the reflective headband helps other people see you in the dark. And it can be used for other outdoor activities like running, mountaineering, or camping.

Ridgemonkey VHR300 – Rechargeable and Water-resistant

Ridgemonkey VHR300 Review

Ridgemonkey VHR300 is one of the most popular models when it comes to choosing the best head torch for night fishing. With a green-light night vision mode, a battery that charges from zero to full volume in just four hours, and an almost waterproof case, this headlamp allows you to stay on the bank even weather is far from being good.

  1. durable damage-resistant case;
  2. water- and dust-resistant, floats in water;
  3. USB-rechargeable 2000mAh battery that lasts for up to 90 hours;
  4. built-in LED indicator lights to show your battery level;
  5. a power button on each side of the case – you can control it with either hand;
  6. white- and green-light options with 50—200 lumens.
  1. looks massive, a bit cumbersome;
  2. still not entirely waterproof.

All in all, Ridgemonkey VHR300 has just about everything you may need for carp fishing at night: it charges fast, it’s durable, and it allows you to operate it with either hand which really comes in handy. But it may still scare some people away with its hefty price and somewhat bulky looks.

See video review about Ridgemonkey VHR300

LED LENSER SE07R – Lightweight and Automatic


Appreciated by many experienced anglers, the LED LENSER SE07R headlamp is lightweight, good-looking, and rechargeable (that’s what R in SE07R stands for). Its most impressive feature is the OPTISENSE system that scans the light levels around you and adjusts the brightness automatically. That means you don’t have to touch it even with one hand – just focus on your rod.

  1. lightweight and water-resistant;
  2. adjusts brightness level automatically, putting out up to 220 lumens
  3. advanced focusing system that doesn’t fatigue your eyes;
  4. a flashlight and a small keyring torch included;
  5. rechargeable battery that lasts for up to 20 hours;
  6. low-power and strobe modes, red-light night vision;
  7. 120 meters light range.
  1. battery may last for just two hours on the highest setting.

Designed for performance, LED LENSER SE07R seems to be underwhelming when it comes to burn time: it requires recharging every two or three hours if you’re fishing in the complete dark. However, the automatically adjusting brightness system is a must if you like to keep both of your hands busy.

FOX Halo 300 – Powerful and Convenient

FOX Halo 300 Review


This premium headlamp is used by many professional anglers, and that is very well deserved. Everything here screams quality: the headband is soft and comfortable, the brightness goes all the way to 300 lumens, and the USB-rechargeable battery makes sure you can charge it wherever you may find yourself fishing.

  1. three white-light modes with brightness ranging from 25 to 300 lumens;
  2. USB-chargeable battery with micro-USB cable included;
  3. comfortable headband that’s adjustable with just one hand;
  4. additional light source and two indicator lights on the back;
  5. high-quality motion sensor.
  1. higher than average weight;
  2. relatively expensive.

Despite being rather costly, this Fox’s flagship head torch is the best headlamp for fishing in our review. It is powerful, easy to use, and rechargeable – in a word, it has everything you need to go carp fishing at night.

Choosing the best head torch

Best headlamp for fishing

Choosing the best headlamp for fishing at night can be really tricky – there’re just too many factors you should consider. To help you with your decision, we’ve also created a short guide with key characteristics of a useful fishing head torch. Here are some things you should pay attention to.


Battery is probably the most important factor since it determines how long you can use your head torch without recharging it – and sometimes there’s just no time for that. There are two major options on the market: some models are powered by common AAA batteries while others support special rechargeable batteries. While the former is usually cheaper, the latter is much more convenient – if you’re planning to use your head torch quite often, make sure to choose a head torch that may be recharged.

If you like going on prolonged fishing trips that span over multiple nights, make sure to choose a head torch that can be charged via USB. This way you don’t have to return earlier or to purchase additional batteries.

Lighting Options

The second most important feature of every head torch is how adjustable its light is. An ideal head torch makes it possible to adjust both brightness and focus distance since various aspects of carp fishing require different lighting. For example, you need the brightest light while playing with fish and unhooking it – but you should be able to turn it down a little to save battery charge or make it more focused to tie some rigs.

Water Protection

Another useful quality for every headlamp is how water-resistant it is. Completely waterproof models are rare even in the premium segment, but you usually don’t need that anyway. Just choose a model with high ratings for water resistance considering the IPx scale. Head torches labeled IPx4 are safe from occasional splashes of water but you must not let them soak. The IPx6 protection class means a torch should be able to survive even a heavy rain, so if you’re expecting bad weather, this is perfect for you.

Headband Comfort

Overlooked by some anglers, this factor is actually important: if you’re going to use a head torch for a rather long period of time, you’d better make sure it’s comfortable enough. It shouldn’t be too tight, but it shouldn’t be too loose, too – or you may simply lose it somewhere. Ideally, you should be able to adjust it with just one hand right on the go.

Frequent Questions

Q: Do I actually need rechargeable battery?

A: Not really, but it helps. Head torches powered by standard AAA or CR2032 batteries tend to lose brightness as the batteries drain. You also don’t need to change them all the time and bring a lot of them with you.

Q: How many lumens do you need for night fishing?

A: It depends, but in most cases a luminosity level of 200—250 lumens should be sufficient for night fishing.

Q: What are the highest lumens for headlights?

A: The brightness limit for most head torches on the market is about 400 lumens but there are models that go all the way up to almost 1000 lumens on the highest setting. That means their beam is 120—130 meters long.

Q: Does weight matters?

A: As a rule of thumb, heavier head torches are more powerful and functional. But if you don’t need additional features for extra performance, choose lightweight models: they are more comfortable and compact, and you can easily pack them up.

Bottom Line

An ideal head torch is always a personal choice. You have to decide which characteristics matter to you, what do you need your headlamp for, and how powerful you need it to be. But you’re not alone in that – check out other customers’ reviews on your favorites and don’t forget to apply our recommendations. Remember: your head torch doesn’t need to be feature-ridden or too powerful – just choose whatever suits you the most.


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