Best carp rods review 2022

There are few fish with the reputation of a Carp. A fierce fighter or trash predator, the Carp is a great gaming fish. Domesticated carp can grow to an enormous size, giving anglers a real fight.

Best carp Rods designed specifically for all size carp, are now surging in the marketplace. Beginners or veterans of this wonderful fighting fish must have the right equipment to land more carp.

  1. If you are starting out; consider a 10′ rod with a test curve of 2.5lbs and a medium action.
  2. Veterans should look to longer lengths of 12′, to 14′ and stronger with test curves of 3lbs to 4.50lb. Shorter length rods of 10′ and light TC can make the difference in small waters with a lot of underbrush.

Carp rods in this review:

  1. Black Widow G50;
  2. Phantom Carp II 2300;
  3. Alivio DX;
  4. TF Gear Banshee;
  5. VaderX;

Length (FT): 10-12'

Test curve (LBS): 2.75-4.50

Weight (OSZ): 8.5-14.8

Max casting weight (OSZ): 3-8 

Parts: 2

Our rating -⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Length (FT): 11.81'

Test curve (LBS): 3

Weight (OSZ): 12.35

Max casting weight (OSZ): 5

Parts: 2

Our rating -⭐⭐⭐⭐

Length (FT): 12'

Test curve (LBS): 3.5

Weight (OSZ): 15

Max casting weight (OSZ): 5.6

Parts: 2

Our rating -⭐⭐⭐



Length (FT): 10-12'

Test curve (LBS): 2.5-3.50

Weight (OSZ): 8.3+

Max casting weight (OSZ): 3-4

Parts: 2

Our rating -⭐⭐⭐

Length (FT): 10-13'

Test curve (LBS): 2.75-4.5

Weight (OSZ): 11.1

Max casting weight (OSZ): 5

Parts: 2

Our rating -⭐⭐⭐



Black Widow G50 by Daiwa – lightweight with impressive action!

Since its beginning in 1955, Daiwa has been a dominant force in the industry. Innovation and quality are the company’s long-held trademarks.

Daiwa’s technology is at the forefront of the Black Widow. Graphite construction produces an exceptionally sensitive rod with power characteristics. The G50 is produced from a blank with extreme graphite concentration. Daiwa has introduced a 3-dimensional carbon material. The 3DX interwoven carbon blank delivers added torque resistance and buckling strength.

The Black Widow G50 comes in 5 lengths, ranging from 10′ with a 3 pound Test Curve to 12′ and a 3.5lb test curve.

When shopping for your carp rod, consider the size of your target fish and the water conditions. Do not forget the weather. A TC of 2.75lb can handle carp in the mid range of 10 to 20lbs comfortably. Test curves of 3.5lb can control the monsters.

Added power and casting distance is a significant feature of the Black Widow. Again, consider the waters you plan to fish. The Black Widow 12′ 3.5lb rod is perfect for open spaces and targeting monster carp. The 10′ 2.75lb rod offers precise control and strength in tight spaces.

DPS Style Reel Seats on the G50 provides anglers the added quality of strength to every cast. 1) A full shrink grip handle creates an outstanding grip without the feel of sliding while retrieve and casting. 2) Solid stainless steel frame guides prevent corrosion and better strength to weight ratio.

Ceramic ring guides on the Black Widow let anglers cast without the worry of tangled lines. These guides provide greater accuracy at longer distances. 1) 50mm butt guide and aluminum butt cap give anglers a better transfer of power into the cast. Use the 50mm guide with heavier fluoro or mono lines.

Daiwa provides a good warranty to go along with their rods and other tackle. If the company finds the product is defective due to the manufacturing process, it will replace the rod at no cost.

Pros and cons of Daiwa Black Widow G50

  • Superior action characteristics
  • Affordable with an attractive finish
  • Casting distances of 80 to 130 YDS
  • Handle material and quality could be improved

Phantom Carp II 2300 by Daiwa – low-priced Carp Rod with plenty of features

Daiwa Phantome II 2300 Carp Rod

Daiwa has grown to a brand recognized by every angler. The company offers rods for nearly every type of fish and water type. Specialized tackle for carp is available from the company.

The Phantom Carp ll breaks down into two sections for better travel. 3lb test curve and the strong backbone of this rod make it a good choice for carp up to 10 pounds. Well balanced and lightweight, the Phantom Carp ll is a feature-rich rod at competitive price points.

Daiwa HVF carbon technology delivers lower resin content to the carbon blank, reducing weight and adding strength. Every rod has a point of stiffness in the curve. Company engineers have produced stronger carbon fiber with bias at the curve joint. This bias feature delivers better balance and strength during your casting and retrieve.

Technical specs. of the Phantom:

  1. Length @ 11.81ft for longer accurate casting
  2. Sturdy test curve @ 3lbs for the majority of carp fishing
  3. Extremely light weight/12.35oz for added sensitivity and travel
  4. SIC Rings, smooth silicon finish for less line friction.

Pros and cons of Phantom Carp II 2300

  • Aesthetically pleasing with a black finish and black reel seat
  • Affordable with plenty of features
  • Responsive
  • Do not overtax, the rod comes in two parts
  • The rod may be too weak for larger carp
  • Daiwa and the warranty

Alivio DX Carp Rod by Shimano – very affordable, full-featured carp rod

Alivio dx carp rod by shimano

Shimano is another world brand leading the technology charge. Shozaburo Shimano declared in 1921 to take his fishing tackle to the province of Kansai. Eighty years and counting, the company is known in every fishing circle and features a full line of tackle. The company is deeply concerned about the environment and takes its position as a leader, seriously.

The NEW Alivio DX Carp rod brings an impressive list of affordable features to your fishing. Shimano rods use a technology termed XT-30 blank construction, creating better control, strength and twist resistance. The outside of the blank is wrapped diagonally with carbon tape. The wrapping is precisely adjusted during construction. This technology allows engineers to fine-tune their rods to the fighting characteristics of carp and other species.

The Alivio DX, presented in this carp rod review, uses Stainless Steel Hardlite Guides. These guides supply added strength and performance to your cast. Shimano uses aluminum oxide liners with steel frames to virtually eliminate line tangle.

  1. Alivio is offered in lengths from 6 ft to 11 ft.
  2. Reel seats are DPS style for added security.
  3. 40 mm butt guide for both braided and mono line.
  4. Both cork and EVA grips are available.

A wide range of rod lengths and test curves give the angler plenty of choices for all carp situations. With the Alivio’s affordability, anglers can now have multiple set-ups for varied carp characteristics and water conditions. Shimano has constructed an aesthetically pleasing rod with strong contrasting colors.

Pros and cons of Alivio DX

  • Extremely affordable, allowing for multiple configurations
  • Strong Two-Year Warranty period
  • Action up to 60 gr
  • Alivio DX is for every experience level
  • The Alivio may be too light for heavier braided lines
  • Use caution with the tip of the Shimano
  • Not very cheap

TF Gear Banshee Carp Fishing Rod by TF Gear – rod designed specifically for catching Carp

tf gear banshee carp fishing rod

Total Fishing Gear continues to develop technologically advanced tackle and clothing. The company supplies tackle and other gear, specifically designed for carp, coarse and seawater fishing in the UK and Europe.

The 10′ Banshee, one of TOP Carp Rod, is changing anglers’ tactics on carp fishing. The Banshee can be used either as a commercial or urban carp rod. The carbon blank is made from top quality material, offering exceptional casting and accuracy. TF Gear’s Banshee comes in three configurations, a 10′ 2.75lb TC to the hearty 10′ 3.5lb TC.

Not all carp fishing is about distance. The new 10′ carp rods have given anglers better control over their casts with increased distance for a ten-foot pole. The new length offers better fish playing control, giving anglers a lot more fun.

  1. Ceramic rings for superb casting control;
  2. Custom DPS style 18, reel seats;
  3. Heavier lines work well with the Banshee;
  4. Stiff action, suitable for heavier lures.

TF Gears Carp Fishing rods are all about the action. The new Banshee rods are light with strong, powerful backbones. This feature gives the carp angler control when pulling monster fish out of undergrowth. The overall quality of test curves for the Banshee, allow experienced anglers to go down in length for more control.

On top of the Banshee being one of the best carp rods on the market, the product is covered by a LIFETIME! Warranty. This one facet of TF Gear says it all about the company and its products. Very few manufacturers back up their product with a lifetime of free fishing action.

Pros and cons of TF Gear Banshee

  • Excellent quality (did we mention lifetime warranty?)
  • Great looking rod with quality colors and slim profile
  • Every review reiterates the Banshee is well worth the price and some anglers are purchasing two and three at a time
  • Lightweight with great action for any length
  • None

VaderX by Sonik – the coolest name for a carp rod with great quality

Founded in 2008, Sonik Sports is another company dedicated to the technological pursuit of carp and coarse fishing along with other species. Sonik hosts two separate carp teams, one for the UK and the other is an International team. The company offers a full line of carp tackle down to luggage and bedchairs.

Sonik offers a complete line of integrated carp tackle, called the VaderX.

A great looking rod, the VaderX is offered in six different lengths and TC. The rod comes in a 10′ with a 3lb TC, then moves on to 12′ lengths. Test Curves of 2.75lb to 3.5lb are available. A 12′ hybrid rod is available with a sturdy 4.50lb TC. The hybrid is obviously for monsters living in deep waters.

  1. VaderX is a gorgeous slim, black matte rod with a Japanese shrink handle and laser-etched butt cap.
  2. Shrink-wrap butt grip in Japanese style
  3. Laser-etched butt cap in black anodized aluminum
  4. On the 12′ and above rods with a TC of 3lb, the butt guide goes to 50 mm
  5. Anti-frap tip and double leg black SIC guides. Do not underestimate the value of the anti-frap tip
  6. The ability to handle larger reels is made possible by a 17mm black reel seat.

Just like the VaderX rods, Sonik provides a Solid Warranty to go along with all their products. A new wrinkle, Sonik offers a RapidX lifetime rod replacement warranty. If you break the rod, no matter who is at fault, Sonik will replace the product section at a fraction of its original cost.

Pros and cons of  VaderX

  • Gorgeous budget fishing rod with great detail
  • Uniquely designed for the rigors of carp fishing/strong backbone and solid TC
  • Plenty of good fish playing action
  • Line-clip could be better positioned

Buyer’s Guide

Carp fishing rods buyers guide

Tackle for this fighter needs to be thought out carefully before you hit the lake. With the range in sizes for Carp, you can easily get caught off guard. Your Six-foot ultra-lite bass tackle will not be up to the task of catching a 20 lb. Carp.

Carp rod manufacturers offer a variety of characteristics and technologies to fit every fishing situation.

Here are three things to look for when shopping for the best carp rod.

  1. Choose the right action for your rod:
    1. A through action rod will bend from the butt to the tip. These rods are great for fighting fish but not for casting long distances
    2. Fast or tip action bend mostly at the tip and improves your casting distance. These rods tend to have increased hook pulls
    3. Medium action is the best all-around carp fishing rods. These types of rods provide good distance and accuracy.
  2. The best length for your stalking carp rod is what feels good in your casting arm. Shorter rods offer increased accuracy while longer lengths, such as a 12′ feet and above, give anglers greater distance. If your back-door pond is four acres, choose a shorter rod with medium action. Broad area lakes, anglers should consider the longest length available. Another consideration of your carp rod is the storage or traveling length
    1. A majority of carp rods are two-piece, broken down in the middle
    2. Three-piece rods are best for travel
    3. Telescopic rods are great for the angler always on the move.
  3. Strength, reel seats, Test curves, and line guides are often overlooked; however, experienced anglers know the importance
    1. The material of the line guides affects the smoothness of your casting. Consider stainless steel, fiberglass and aluminum oxide
    2. The test curve is the measurement of strength for a carp rod. It takes 2.5lbs to bend a rod tip 90 degrees. TC of 2.5lbs is for smaller carp in small waters. 3lbs and above are for the largest carp in broad waters
    3. Reel seats need strength for carp. The fight can quickly strip threads.

Technology is changing industries at an astounding pace. No person, job, or business will be left untouched. Opportunities exist for every progressive manufacturer, similar to the ones reviewed above.

Technology advancements are bringing younger people into the fun of fishing

CenturyCarp is one of the companies exploring new ways to produce extreme rod performance. Their rod holds the official record of longest cast at over 300 yards. Century attributes this extreme performance to its carbon curing process. The company has developed Autoclave Technology. This new tech virtually eliminates air and other particles in the carbon blank, with an end result of a near-flawless composite blank. The UK company employs some of the most advanced manufacturing equipment available.

Gardner Tackle is at the heart of new technologies. The company tests dozens of different materials to find the right blank. Gardner seeks to bring a crisper response to the carp rod and eliminate dead blank carbon. The firm is bringing less mass to its feeder blanks with increased sensitivity.

RodGeeks hope to improve carbon as a base material. These prepregs are carbon infused with resin. RodGeeks improves the blends of a carp rod by reducing the weight. The company’s carbon fiber composite blanks offer better response and power.


The present and future of carp rods and tackle look bright. New materials and manufacturing processes are improving rod strength and sensitivity. Anglers of all experience levels are starting to ask the right questions and are more familiar with blank building technologies.

New fiber composites are hitting the market, such as Curran. These new fibers are derived from cellulose nanofibers or carrots and other tubular and are twice as strong as carbon fiber. Graphene is another carbon fiber with incredible strength, holding tremendous promise in rod building.

Tackle manufacturers are more involved in environmental efforts across the globe. Daiwa and other world leaders are bringing the full force of their brands to the most pressing world concerns.

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