Best carp reels 2022

The success of fishing depends not only on the fisherman‘s skills and experience but also on the quality of equipment. Therefore, it is necessary to select a carp reel in advance.

However, since there are hundreds of reels developers, sometimes even experienced fishermen find it difficult to select an option that would allow them to get the biggest fish.

Our team of experienced fishermen understands that sometimes it can definitely be complicated. That’s why we tested lots of products to collect the list of the best carp reels 2020.

Carp fishing reels in this review:

  1. Daiwa Black Widow BR 5000A;
  2. Daiwa Tournament 5000T;
  3. Daiwa Windcast Qda;
  4. Shimano Ultegra 14000 XTD;
  5. Wychwood Riot Big Pit.

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Top 5 carp fishing reels

Daiwa Black Widow BR 5000A – the best reel for distance fishing

Daiwa Black Widow BR 5000A review



The Daiwa Black Widow BR 5000A inertia-free reels are new models for carp fishing with a baitrunner system. This unique reel was designed specifically for use with Black Widow rods, but this equipment can also be combined with other rods.

Since this reel is greatly-produced, using rods by other producers will work as effectively.

This line is characterized by a fairly smooth running even though its design includes only three ball bearings

The reel is reliable and durable, designed for high loads, which allows you to survive if you want to get the largest fish. This model is also equipped with a large aluminum spool and has a modern elegant design.

The bobbin is designed with a long-life logger roller and a bobbin return spring. This element is made of stainless steel, and the high quality of the bobbin is ensured by using first-class equipment and components in the production. The Daiwa Black Widow BR 5000A product is designed by Japanese experts.

Pros and cons of Daiwa Black Widow BR 5000A

  1. Modern design;
  2. High-quality materials;
  3. Useful for heavy fish.
  1. This reel isn’t fully balanced while spinning fast.

Overall, this reel is a great choice for beginners and professionals, thanks to its outstanding features. Even though it is designed for different fish species, it will be most useful for carps. It can be called one of the best reels for carp fishing, which is reasonable. This model won’t be broken even if the fish is too heavy.

Daiwa Tournament 5000T – the best reel for trophy fish

Daiwa 5000t review



The Daiwa Tournament 5000T reel is an extremely productive and powerful product that will help you with any trophy fishing. The main feature of this model is a modern bobbin with a larger capacity.

Now the fisherman will be able to wrap on it a fishing line or cord much longer than similar models from other manufacturers, which, in turn, allows you to throw the maximum range. This is very important in carp fishing.

This model has a compact aluminum body, which complements the stylish design of this high-quality reel, which is also quite light

In addition, the Daiwa Tournament 5000T reel has a well-made body and the quality of all parts and mechanisms. That’s why this reel can serve its owner for a long time.

Pros and cons of Daiwa Tournament 5000T

  1. Great for trophy fishing;
  2. Perfect for long-term usage;
  3. A modern bobbin with a larger capacity.
  1. It’s needed to replace the line clips.

So, this model produced by a well-known Daiwa company can also be called one of the best carp reels 2020. With a well-made corps many additional features, this fishing tool will definitely be exploited for a long time.

Daiwa Windcast Qda – best reel made from high-quality materials

Daiwa Windcast Qda review



For the Daiwa Windcast Qda reel, the manufacturer uses a bobbin with a reverse cone, which increases the throw range and reduces the possibility of line entanglement. It is also worth noting a spacious bobbin, which increases the speed of line winding.

The QD fast braking system allows for changing the resistance force within a few seconds. The shock-resistant, round HIP clip on the Long Cast beveled aluminum bobbin allows fishing men to throw their rods on long distances.

The model is provided with gears from the DigiGear manufacturer. These components are made of a special alloy. They provide high power, durability and wear resistance.

The reel bobbin is hollow and cylindrical, made of titanium or stainless steel

The bobbin has a conical base, which eliminates the overlapping of the line. The reel has a handy baitrunner.

Pros and cons of Daiwa Windcast Qda

  1. The bar is made of high-quality stainless steel;
  2. Gears provided by DigiGear;
  3. QD fast drag system;
  4. A longer throwing range;
  5. High line winding speed.
  1. It’s mostly available for fishing rods by the same developer.

This option is the best carp reel under 150. Although this model by the Daiwa developer is quite cheap, it doesn’t make this product less useful. It has everything for exciting fishing, and the line won’t be quickly torn even if a fish is heavier than expected.

Shimano Ultegra 14000 XTD – best reel with additional tools

Shimano Ultegra 14000 XTD review



Shimano Ultegra 14000 XTD is a reel produced especially for carp fishing. It will immediately attract the attention of an experienced fisherman with black body color.

With the reel, there is an additional bobbin and 4 line reducers in the kit. The additional equipment will allow you to fish with different types of fishing line with the appropriate power in conditions of fishing from the shore. Additionally, the reel also has a sensitive anti-reverse tool.

This reel is equipped with such advanced systems as X-Ship, Super Slow Oscillation, Aero Wrap 2 and the new High-Speed Drag

The presence of these features allows the fisherman to catch the largest carp even in deep water.

The reel has additionally 2 sets of gaskets for the main and spare spools. They are used to reduce the amount of scaffolding line on the spool bobbin.

Pros and cons of Shimano Ultegra 14000 XTD

  1. Lots of additional equipment for better fishing;
  2. A corps developed in black;
  3. It’s possible to fish with using different line types;
  4. Useful for heavy fish.
  1. The developer is not as well-known as the others, so it’s harder to find additional tools for the reel.

This equipment produced by a Japanese corporation Shimano is not as popular as other tools in this list. Nonetheless, it doesn’t make this reel less useful. It still can be selected as one of the top carp fishing reels for its high quality. It can be easily noticed because it has a contemporary design without any useless tools, which makes this product an excellent choice if someone has never tried fishing before.

Wychwood Riot Big Pit – best reel with English quality

Wychwood Riot Big Pit review



The Wychwood company is one of the largest manufacturers of fishing equipment. The team consists of experienced fishermen who have devoted their lives to carp fishing. Wychwood is famous for its lines of fishing rods, coils, as well as accessories for fixing rods on the shore.

Despite the fact that the manufacturer pays special attention to the quality of components and uses first-class equipment for production, it remains important to maintain an affordable price for its products.

Therefore, all products manufactured by the Wychwood brand can be called the best budget big pit carp reels

Among their most popular models is Wychwood Riot Big Pit. These are the new carp reels for entry-level fishermen. This version has exceptional characteristics, power and reliability. Its handle is produced from aluminum. Such material is waterproof and cannot be quickly spoilt.

This reel isn’t heavy because its weight is only 890 grams. That’s why it can be a marvelous choice if you are going fishing but doesn’t want to take anything heavy. However, although the model is quite light, this factor doesn’t make it less useful. It can still operate well for a trophy fish. The fishing reel has been designed and tested to fit most modern carp fishing styles.

Pros and cons of Wychwood Riot Big Pit

  1. English quality;
  2. Amazing design;
  3. Low price;
  4. Not heavy but useful;
  5. The reel can’t be broken easily;
  6. It’s tested and can be exploited for most of the modern fishing styles.
  1. A new model without many reviews.

Thus, Wychwood Riot Big Pit is definitely your choice if you are looking for a light but still greatly-produced equipment. Our team has added this item to the best big pit carp reels because it can be exploited regardless of fishing experience. It doesn’t have anything useless In the kit and will work properly for all waterways.

How to select the best carp reels?

There are so many fishing reels on the market, and it’s complicated to find the best one. To make the right choice, pay attention to these essential criteria:

  • Bobbin size. The approach to measuring the bobbin size varies from manufacturer to manufacturer. At Daiwa’s reels, the bobbin size 5000 corresponds to approximately 10,000 spool sizes at Shimano’s reels.
  • Bobbin capacity. Choose the bobbin size so that you can wind up at least 250-300 meters of line.
  • Bobbin shape. The optimal choice for carp fishing is the ABS and Long Cast fishing reels with two bobbin shapes. These parameters are always specified in product characteristics.
  • The friction brake. At the moment, these brakes are produced in three varieties: fast, medium speed and slow speed. The main difference among them is the number of turns of the friction brake up to the moment of complete weakening (for free line removal from the spool) or up to the moment of complete tightening. The fast friction brake is triggered after a couple of turns, and the slow friction brake is triggered after a much larger number of turns.
  • Quantity and quality of bearings. It’s only required p to remember that the more bearings in the carp reel, the more reliable and durable it will be.

You should also pay attention to the baitrunner while choosing the reel

It is a small bracket located in the back of the reel, which when you press the line allows you to easily get off the reel. It can also be used as an alarm device because if a fish pulls the fishing line when the baitrunner is turned on, it produces a loud crack that can be heard for many meters. The softness and rigidity of the baitrunner are adjustable at the back of the reel.

What is baitrunner?


Top 5 carp fishing reel


Where to oil fishing reel?

Tools in this list can surely be called the best carp reels. However, if you want them to work properly, you need to oil them regularly. Firstly, open the gal and add a cleaning solvent on the connection areas. Then open and close the bail a couple of times.

Next, remove the spool from the corps and add the cleaning solvent to the drag knob. Then clean it with cotton swabs and remove the screw cap located on the corps. After that, apply the oil to the handle.

Then oil the body of the reel to make it more protected.

Are fishing reel handles interchangeable?

It depends on a particular tool. Nonetheless, the best budget big pit carp reels on the market are developed with handles that can be easily replaced. Thus, it’s possible to change this tool if it is unexpectedly broken or if any damages affect its usefulness.

However, it’s recommended to select only handles produced by the same company as the reel. Otherwise, it can simply break again because it doesn’t fully fit.

What fishing reels are made in Japan?

Japanese developers are known for providing the best carp reels. The most well-known companies there are:

  • Daiwa;
  • Shimano;
  • Plusinno;
  • Okuma.

Which fishing reels are made in the UK?

British carp reels are also popular for high-quality materials. These developers are trusted the most:

  • Wychwood;
  • Preston Innovations;
  • Drennan;
  • Fox;
  • Korum.

We also added a British reel to our list, and this is Wychwood Riot Big Pit, smartly-looking equipment without any useless functions that can be utilized without any fishing experience.

Which fishing reel casts the farthest?

After testing, we’ve found out that the reel provided by Daiwa casts the farthest. The Daiwa Black Widow BR 5000A reel. With a baitrunner system, it can be used for deep water.


Overall, carp fishing is a great experience, especially with high-quality tools. It’s better to be careful while choosing a reel.

Pay attention to the materials and their sizes

What’s more, it’s better to select the best reels for carp fishing with a baitrunner system. These models will be used for a longer time. Moreover, avoid thinking that cheaper options are less useless. It’s possible to find inexpensive products by well-known developers. Choose your carp reel from the list and experience new emotions while fishing!

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